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February 2008 to July 2011
Contract Technical Writer - Boeing, Renton Washington
Documented procedures for operating and maintaining machinery used in the construction and installation of the wings. Required skills for this job included reading electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and assembly drawings. Also attended meetings with engineers and took extensive notes for inclusion in the final document packages. Also edit, collate and cross-reference existing documents.
Completed Commission

October 2006 to September 2007:
Information Assistant for Skykomish Ranger District, Mt. Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest
Duties include Monitoring, answering and logging messages on the district radio system. Greeting visitors and callers to the ranger station and providing permits and passes, road and trail condition information and merchandise (maps, books, souvenirs, etc.) Developed Excel tables and Access database to coordinate and sort information needed by various forest users. Processing incoming and outgoing mail. Managing office conservation programs including implementing a new procedure for reducing junk mail.
1-year temporary assignment.

December 2005 to May 2006:
Housing Technician for the Opportunity Council, Bellingham WA.
Duties include installation of residential energy conservation measures, weather stripping, caulking, insulation, passive and active ventilation. Use blower door and manometer to evaluate effectiveness of air sealing and balancing technologies applied to the structure. Teach owners or occupants the operation of programmable thermostats, carbon monoxide monitors and ventilation fans. Review the health and safety issues of conservation including indoor air quality, moisture control and combustion appliance safety.

November 2004 to December 2005:
Downtown Safety Ambassador, communications consultant and data collection specialist for the Metropolitan Improvement District. Duties include researching the use of handheld electronic devices for collection and dissemination of business-to-client information. Collection and presentation of data collected in the field. Emergency and human services assistance to the homeless.

January 2004 to present:
Documentary video, photography and web design.

December 2002 to December 2003:
Technical writer/programmer and machinist for Crown Enterprises.
Document and refine manufacturing procedures to increase production efficiency and product quality.

February 2002 to August 2002:
Director - Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day (RAMROD) 2002 bicycle ride.
Managed over 100 volunteers and a budget of $52,000. Made sure that all local, state and federal agencies had required information and permits. Worked with a local ham radio group to establish full course communications. Deployed day-of-ride support (medical, technical, clean-up and SAG) personnel as the situation on course required. Dealt with rider's complaints and rule violations. Submitted a written report detailing the problems encountered and suggested solutions for subsequent rides.

July 2001 to August 2001:
Freelance project for PromoSapien. Consulted on the design and implementation of cgi scripts, Flash 5 scripts, and embedded streaming media solutions. The website allows users their choice of Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and Real Player.

December 2000 to July 2001:
Contract position at Real Networks. Responsibilities included software testing for interactive streaming media players using SMIL2 technology. Tested on PC/Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms. Designed and produced testing procedures and content for new functionality. Worked closely with developers to define the goals and standards for the new multimedia players.

September 2000:
Freelance project for PromoSapien. Designed and built a contest site for a top rated Seattle radio morning show. The site used Perl and CGI to record votes and to take information for a subsequent random drawing.

July 2000 to September 2000:
Internship at Piranha Productions. Responsibilities included production of streaming media content. Studio production duties included setting lights, setting up video and audio equipment, running the encoding computer, and producing archival CDs. Also provided graphic and programming support to lead web designers.

September 20, 1999 to December 2000:
Enrolled at Bellevue Community College in the Multimedia / Web Authoring Program.

July 1993 to September 20, 1999:
Technical writer for Electroimpact Inc. Documented procedures for automated manufacturing systems in the aerospace industry. Designed and produced written documents for the manufacture of critical components. Produced supporting graphic elements including photographs, drawings, and sketches. Also worked on promotional materials including display booth for international trade expositions.

July 1991 to July 1993:
R&E cycles. Though my job description was that of salesman, I regularly found myself editing advertising copy. I also wrote an operator’s manual for bicycle computers we purchased that came without manuals.

December 1990:
Grant writing for human powered vehicle project. Primary contacts were the Cycling Research Association and the Bullitt Foundation.

October 1990:
Freelance assignment with Technical Communication Consultants, Inc. Immediate supervisor, Collene Bradey.

February 1990:
Freelance assignment with John Fluke Mfg. Immediate supervisor, Dan Wright.

April 1989:
Broke arm. Full recovery by end of year.

October 1988:
Freelance video production for Power-Jet of Auburn.

Jan/Feb. 1988:
Assistant editor for the January/February issue of U.S. Woman Engineer. I also shot the cover photograph and several of the author photographs.

January 1987 to March 1989:
Employed by Venus/Gusmer Inc. of Kent Washinton as a technical writer. Duties included setting up the technical communications department, writing a supplemental style guide, and managing subcontractors and organizing publication projects from beginning to completion. As a lead writer, I produced text, photographs, computer graphics and animation, and video for various documents. Immediate supervisors, Terry Nash and Ron Rivers, pres.

August 1986:
Earned a bachelor of science degree in scientific and technical communications from the University of Washington.

January 1986:
Publicity director for a national cross-country soaring competition. The project included press packages and releases, annotated maps, and a 12-minute video tape I produced that previewed the contest. As a result, ABC sent a film crew to get footage for "Wide World of Sports."

September 1983:
Started seasonal, temporary employment at Columbia Winery. Among my duties was the maintenance and repair of the cooling system for the fermentation/storage tanks and the electrical controls for the bottling machine. Also conducted tours of the winery. In 1984 an accident resulted in the loss of several thousand gallons of wine. The insurance agency refused to pay for the loss. I reviewed the accident and developed a mathematical model showing how the loss occurred. The insurance agency reversed its decision and a check for the loss was received in less than a week. I left the winery to attend school full time in December of 1985.

January 1983:
Enrolled at the University of Washington in the Scientific and Technical Communications program.

Spring 1983:
Reviewed environmental impact statement for the Northwest Power Planning Council. The EIS dealt with the indoor air quality of houses using tight construction methods. As a result, the BPA adopted several construction techniques to mitigate air quality problems.

December 1982:
Earned associate of technical arts degree from Edmonds Community College in energy management.

January 1981:
Weekend work study program, residential energy auditor for Snohomish P.U.D. Duties included teaching homeowners about conservation and the economics of BPA’s Energy Buyback Program.

October 1980:
Drafter for Bouillon, Christofferson & Schairer consulting engineers. Part of my duties included training beginning drafters in advanced techniques of orthographic projection and perspective rendering. Immediate supervisor, Mark Peeples.

September 1980:
Enrolled at Edmonds Community College. Course work included classes in computer programming, electronics, and technical report writing.

August 1980:
Published "Codes and the Solar Builder" in Solwest ’80 Conference Proceeding of the Pacific Northwest Solar Energy Association and Solar Energy Society of Canada.

May 1979:
Seattle City Light awarded grant to publish a renewable energy study program for elementary school children. I was the coauthor of the book and participated in followup research.

September 1976:
Enrolled Shoreline Community College. Course work included engineering and architectural drafting, photography, grant writing, and writing for publication. (Last attended June 1981).

February 1972:
Entered the U.S. Army. My last year in the military was spent as a survival instructor. Honorably discharged February 1975.

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