Professional Assignment
Shoot the cover art for U.S. Woman Engineer.

Tools and materials:
Grapflex 4 by 5 view camera


In August 1987 I was asked to shoot the cover for the Jan/Feb 1988 issue of U.S. Woman Engineers magazine. The 1201 - 3rd building in downtown Seattle was under construction. Part of the plan was to save/restore some classic architecture on the site. It is this restoration process that I captured one Sunday morning from street level.

I used a 4" x 5" Grapflex view camera - my favorite format for this type of work. The detail you can get is remarkable, far surpassing what you can see on a web page. The ability to adjust the focal plain position of the film gives the photographer the ability to enhance or reduce the perspective of the photo. In this case, I brought the top of the building closer to reduce the effect of the below grade position of the camera. Despite my down hill position for the shot, I wanted to make it seem I was actually even with ground floor of the building.

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