Class Assignment:
Create a travel company poster from a limited selection of images.

Tools and materials:
PhotoShop 5.5
3 to 5 images from a collection of 12.
One personal photograph.


My personal image is the central figure standing in the reflection on the water. This seemed appropriate for the concept of daydreaming about travel.

The balance of the images were generally cool in nature and did not have much excitement. The Eiffel Tower is a strong association with vivacious and active city; however, the photo was flat and lifeless. Fortunately there are some extremely powerful lighting effects in PhotoShop that allowed me to jazz the image up.

I attempted to bring some warmth to the statue head in the upper right of the image, by adding red tones to the highlights. Texture for the radial background is supplied in two layers. The bottom layer is a stained-glass window that is overlain with a slightly cloudy blue sky.

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