Professional Assignment
Mr. Angry
Warning for an invisible danger.

Mr. Angry was developed to warn everyone regardless of language, culture, age, education, that something extremely dangerous was waiting within the equipment that had this tag. I wish that I could take credit for Mr. Angry, but someone else came up with this icon that is widely used in hazard and warning labels.

I got an opportunity to see the reaction of a 4-year-old boy one day. We were walking on a dock and were passing a power transformer with a Mr. Angry sign on it.
I said, "Look at that," pointing to the sign.
The boy’s reaction was swift and unambiguous, his eyes widened and he steered a wide path around the transformer. I was sold.

The original manufacturer’s cover that was too small. The cover was supposed to shield a set of terminal lugs that carried 480 volts of alternating current. The cover had a lettered warning that was difficult to read. Anyone wanting to read it would have to lean in much too close to the live terminals. The design was working against itself - to deadly effect.

The label in the picture is the cover/warning label that I designed and built to protect people from coming into contact with the set of lugged terminals. (The mounting tabs can be seen at the bottom of the image). I incorporated Mr. Angry with the simple declarative message in an easy to read design that would not require much more than a glance to get the message.

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