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Multiple Energy Source Hazard Label.

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CorelDraw Suite


I consider this label one of my strongest writing samples. It is easy to go on and on about a subject. It is extremely difficult to tell an important and complex story in just a few words.

Pictures help, along with simple drawings. The combination of a few well chosen words and pictures is a powerful communication tool.

What was wrong?
Many machines used in manufacturing have multiple energy sources. Unlike a refrigerator, that is supplied by one simple plug, most types of robotic equipment will have two or more electrical sources, compressed air, pressurized hydraulic lines, and other proprietary technologies employed by Electroimpact.

Some manufacturers commonly mark equipment using multiple energy sources with a text-only label that simply says,
"WARNING: This device contains multiple sources of power. Disconnect all sources of energy before servicing."
I would see the very same label on machines big enough to crush a house and on drinking fountains. Either these behemoth machines were actually as safe as a water cooler, or these were the most dangerous drinking fountains known to man.

This commonly used label is a joke.
My label design describes each energy source, provides instruction on its disconnect or lockout procedure, and provides a photograph or illustration of the energy hazard.

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