Class Assignment
Create animated gif for Compass Travel

Tools and materials:
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator8.0
Adobe Image Ready2.0
end-of-quarter desperation


What is travel, if not movement? The obvious choice for this animation was the hiker. If I had animated anything else without doing the hiker, it wouldn’t have felt right. Animating the hiker, I feel, is the right amount of animation for this image. Banners that are too busy often don’t communicate well. If the image is too hard to follow because of complexity or speed, you will loose your audience.

How he moves:
The hiker is animated in 8 cells. There are two groups of three cells and two individual cells. The groups of three cells are near the end of each stride (with either the right or left foot forward) At that point in a stride, the motion of the limbs has stopped. The cells on either side of the end-stride cell have the arms and legs positioned closer to the end of the stride than the middle of the stride. That is because over time, the arms and legs are moving faster in mid-stride. Chopping a stride into 8 equal pieces would give the figure an unnatural quickness at the beginning and ending of each step.

The animated logo was designed to be 70 pixels high. That is the size of the thumbnail. The enlarged version exhibits a bounce (soul?) that I was not aware of in the smaller, designed size version. I have learned that I should create the cells large and resize down rather than the opposite that I did here.

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