Organization of the factory floor list:

I never did find out the rational behind the ordering of the 8 components in the factory floor drawing (previous page). They were not in order of price, part number or even weight. My choice would be the order components are used in the manufacturing process. That is the way that I renumbered the components.

I increased the number of items from 8 to 9 because the two parts of the ventilation system are discrete items that can be used separately or in tandem. By contrast, there are several components on the production line that are required for operations. By the logic of numbering the ventilation system components with the same number, all the manufacturing components should also share the same number.

Lack of consistency and organization in company literature does not inspire confidence in a prospective client.

Please review the text markup of the factory components list. You will find comments about why the edits were suggested.

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